While the majority of Americans aren't happy with the plan to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four other suspected terrorists in New York City, more New Yorkers support the plan than oppose it, according to two new studies. Based on findings from a nationwide phone survey by Rasmussen Reports, 51 percent of Americans think it's a bad idea to host the trials in the city, while 29 percent of respondents favor the proposal to move the suspects from Guantanamo Bay to Lower Manhattan.

The study also found that only 30 percent of Americans want to see the suspected terrorists tried in civilian courts, while 54 percent of respondents favor military tribunals. According to the Post, those numbers broke down along party lines, with 72 percent of Republican opposing the use of civilian courts.

Meanwhile, a Marist College poll of only New York City residents found that the city is divided on the plan to hold the trials just blocks from the World Trade Center site, though slightly more New Yorkers support the proposal than oppose it. The study determined that 45 percent of locals think it's a good idea, while 41 percent of respondents consider it a bad idea. What do you think?