Among of small number of Republicans who voted on Tuesday was Queens resident Andrew Schiefer. Schiefer brought along his five-year-old daughter to experience democracy—and got a taste of bureaucracy when a NYC Board of Elections worker noticed little Elizabeth's rather bad case of eczema and decided to call the Administration for Children's Services.

The poll worker apparently believed the rash was a sign of abuse, so the worker accessed Schiefer's voter registration information and called in a tip. On Wednesday, the Schiefers were greet by an ACS worker. Jessica Schiefer fumed that the poll worker "should have just minded her own business, because she started a whirlwind of trouble for this family." And Andrew Schiefer said, "If she would have asked me, I would have gladly told them what it was. But for them to make assumptions without speaking to me I found very offensive and uncalled for." Understandable, but how many parents admit to abusing their kids?

Elizabeth explained, "Some of it looks like it's bleeding, but it's not," and her mom said, "It flares up and goes away. We see a dermatologist every year to renew her prescriptions and cream and make them stronger." Jessica Schiefer added, "It's ruining our reputation -- I mean, people who don't know about this situation are going to think we beat our children."

The family must be investigated for 60 days; Jessica Schiefer called that a nightmare, "I understand there are cases that need to be investigated. But I would have thought once they found out it was eczema they would have dropped it immediately without doing a 60-day investigation."

ACS told NBC New York, "The Administration for Children’s Services takes any allegation of abuse or neglect that it receives through the state hotline for child abuse and maltreatment seriously. Our agency has an obligation and responsibility to conduct a thorough investigation in each case to ensure the safety of children in New York City." But Jessica Schiefer pointed out, "Even five years from now, we'll have a closed ACS case on file. So if my daughter falls and breaks her arm, they'll see my history. And what's that going to turn into?"