More than two years after New York City instituted the smoking ban, and hot on the heels of the announcement that midwestern bastion of second-hand smoke Chicago was following suit with its own ban, comes a new poll commissioned by the State Health Department that says that 75.5 percent of New Yorkers (from a 2,000 person sample) would favor even banning smoking in front of building entrances.

We couldn't find the report on the Health Department website but the Post is reporting that the situation is even sadder. More than half of the people questioned would approve even banning smoking in public outdoor spaces like parks and beaches.

And this is where we start to go "whaaa?" Is a bit of smoke when you walk outside of a building such an inconvenience in a city already filled to the brim with carcinogens and maple-syrup stenches? As former smokers (a pack and a half a day for six years!) we just can't wish anymore hassles on smokers then they already have. If people want to use smoke to get their nicotine fix, by all means let them. Haven't they been pushed around enough?