Mayor of 9/11 Town Rudy Giuliani hasn't officially thrown his hat into the Republican 2012 presidential nominees ring yet, but he's already leading the anemic pack! According to a new CNN poll today, Giuliani is the top candidate among potential 2012 GOP candidates—although the larger story is how ridiculously unenthusiastic voters are about all the potential candidates, ever since titan of combover industries dropped out of his fake presidential run.

Giuliani led the poll with 16 percent of Republican-leaning voters' support; he's followed closely by Mitt Romney, with 15 percent, and Sarah Palin, with 13 percent. U.S. politics expert Darrell West of the Brookings Institution told the News: "Mayor Giuliani runs well in the presidential poll because he is well-known and respected among a substantial number of GOP voters. However, the same thing was true early in the 2008 campaign, and Giuliani was not able to maintain his momentum." Well, maybe if they just "let Rudy be Rudy", he would be able to fill that Donald Trump-sized hole in Republican voters' hearts!

For what it's worth, it is looking more and more likely that Giuliani may attempt to run again—he does already have a fake 2012 Twitter account after all, so half his work is done. But the big question is whether when Palin will announce her incredibly likely run: "The big shoe waiting to drop is Sarah Palin. If she runs, it will completely alter the race and throw off all previous bets." Some are still holidng out hope that one of our local pol's, either NJ's Chris Christie or Mayor Bloomberg, may be the Elephant party's savior. After all, with a field of candidates like they have currently, clinging to false hope seems as good an idea as any.