The latest Siena Research Institute poll shows that Governor Paterson's approval rating has slipped one point from 19 points to 18 points. PolitickerNY notes, "The biggest reasons [for his poor approval ratings] were his handling of the state budget"—you know, in secret with Sheldon Silver and Malcolm Smith—"and approving pay raises for staffers. Two thirds of voters surveyed cited that Paterson 'has shown he's just not up to the job of being our governor' as contributing to the popularity decline." More dismal numbers: Paterson is viewed unfavorably by 63% of NY voters polled (favorably by 27%) and only 12% would want him in 2010 (vs. 71% who want someone else). On the upside, 53% of voters think gay marriage should pass (vs. 39% who don't)—gay marriage is Paterson's new pet issue.