Over the past three months, Gov. David Paterson has become more and more popular among New York State voters. Unfortunately for him, the vast majority of New Yorkers still want someone else in office, according to a new Siena College poll. The study [PDF] reveals that although voters might agree with Paterson's positions on a number of issues, many think he's doing a bad job.

The percentage of voters with favorable impressions of Paterson has increased by 11 points since October, but it's still at just 38 percent. Over the same period, the percentage of voters who have unfavorable opinions of the governor has dropped from 61 percent to 52 percent now. "He's moved from the subbasement into the cellar, but on the questions that really matter — electoral ground — he hasn't gained any ground," Siena spokesman Steven Greenberg told the Daily News.

Paterson is reportedly trailing Attorney General and potential candidate Andrew Cuomo in the pollsand in the bank. The tabloid points out that Paterson is polling so poorly, he's actually "dead even with two little-known Republican gubernatorial wannabes," former Rep. Rick Lazio, and Erie County Executive Chris Collins.