2008_09_2ndjob.jpgEmpire State residents are feeling the pinch of the slowing economy as a Siena Research Institute poll finds 34% of respondents have either taken a second job or seek overtime. Two thirds are worrying more about money and 74% say rising food prices are affecting their budgets ("67% of shoppers are buying less expensive items, 60% have cut back on treats like cookies or candy in favor of needed items, and 60% are choosing store brands or generic items over name brands"). Researchers believe many are trying to save money for winter heating bills, as 80% are worried about the winter weather. SRI Director Dr. Don Levy said, "Even though more New Yorkers expect the economy to decline than to improve over the next twelve months, by a margin of 49% to 32%, residents think their personal situation will improve.” [Image via Worth1000]