Las Vegas has a New York City, so why can't New York have its own version of Las Vegas's New York City? According to a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, a lot of New Yorkers are in favor of seeing Las Vegas-style casinos in the city. Could that mean miniature versions of New York landmarks smack-dab in the middle of the city, or would we just get our own mini pyramid like the Luxor?

It doesn't seem likely that a major gambling enterprise will open in the city immediately (our politicians are just open to it), but don't rule out the option for resorts and casinos in other parts of the state. Perhaps more surprising is the percentage of New Yorkers who would support upstate natural gas drilling (called hydrofracking).

The addition of both gambling and drilling would have positive and negative effects, and it appears that voters believe the economic benefits would be worth the possible environmental concerns and the increase in gambling addictions. But if New York got its own casino resort in the amusement park style of Las Vegas, perhaps the gas drilling could power a new, world-class roller coaster: THE HYDROFRACK. Hey, if the Vegas New York has a coaster, why can't we?