In January, a Quinnipiac poll put New York's support for same-sex marriage at 56 percent, and a new poll from Siena College (below) has the number even higher. In their extensive study on Governor Cuomo and his priorities, 58 percent of New York voters say they support making same-sex marriages legal in the state. And it's not just the



Though voters younger than 55, Democrats and independents showed strong support for legalizing same-sex marriage, Republicans and older voters were actually evenly split on the issue. However, liberals said marriage equality should be Cuomo's top issue; overall, voters say Cuomo should focus on a property tax cap and new ethics laws for legislators first. Brian Ellner, the Human Rights Campaign’s Senior Strategist for the Campaign for New York Marriage, said of the poll, "Momentum is clearly on our side with popular support and a Governor committed to this issue. It’s time for leaders in Albany to take up this critical issue and respect the loving and committed relationships of same-sex couples in our state."

The poll also found that 63 percent of New Yorkers have a favorable opinion of President Barack Obama, and 52 percent said they'd re-elect him in 2012. We just want to know who the one percent of voters are who said that New York is in "excellent" fiscal condition right now. Perhaps they're just excited that our budget was passed on-time for the first time in five years?