According to a Quinnipiac University poll (below), Mayor Bloomberg's ratings are their lowest since 2003, with 51 percent of New Yorkers disapproving of the job he's doing, and just 39 percent giving their approval. But of course, the posh people in Manhattan are skewing the numbers.

Fifty-five percent of Manhattan residents said he was doing a good job, compared to 35 percent in the Bronx and Queens, 34 percent in Brooklyn, and 27 percent in Staten Island. We're guessing the two percent who said the administration's handling of the snowstorm was "excellent" are Upper East Siders in the vicinity of the Mayor's pristine snow-free oasis. Here are a few more tidbits:

  • Seventy-two percent say where the mayor goes on weekends or vacations is a private matter, and 79 percent say the media shouldn't report on Bloomberg's off-time.
  • When Bloomberg leaves the city, he should make it clear who is in charge, say 84 percent.
  • Fifty-percent don't believe Bloomberg when he says he's not running for president, but 74 percent say he would be good at the job.
  • Twenty-eight percent say that Bloomberg's involvement in national issues is bad for the city.
  • Just 17 percent of people approve of the way Schools Chancellor Cathie Black is doing her job.
  • Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, said, "Is it the snow, the third-term blahs, the weekends away, the presidential chatter? Whatever the explanation, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's once-upon-a-time stretch of 70-plus job approval numbers has gone south." Maybe we've just never been able to look at him the same way after finding out he puts ice in his beer.

    Quinnipiac University Poll