Like a certain prurient Congressman, drunk on power and thirsty for alternatives, the South Carolina electorate has spurned their betrothed for the powdery jowls of another. Newt Gingrich is currently leading Mitt Romney ahead of today's GOP primary, 37% to 28% according to the PPP. In related news, we're taking the rest of the day off to close the deal on some Moon Condos.

Romney was unable to maintain his sizable lead in the state, but proved to be really excellent at projecting that "oblivious, rich turd" vibe. That, along with all the ads that Gingrich's Super PAC was running to make sure voters kept that impression of Romney and Newt's failsafe tactic of blaming the media for everything, helped the only Speaker of the House to be sanctioned for ethics violations to jump ahead.

The polls don't close until 7 p.m., so we urge our South Carolina readers: do as this couple has done and vote for Herman Cain.