A Quinnipiac poll puts the blame on Caroline Kennedy for mishandling the Senate bid: The Staten Island Advance reveals, "49% of those polled felt she and her aides were to blame," compared to 15% who thought Governor Paterson messed it up and 12% who believe both Kennedy and Paterson screwed up. NY Magazine's cover story is about Kennedy follies: "The appointment was destined to be a mess—how could it not be? The cast of characters involved in choosing a new junior senator for New York included a lapsed priest, three of the country’s most bare-knuckled political dynasties, and an imperious mayor." (NY Mag writer Chris Smith adds that Kennedy ran up against the Times' city staff which had "grown a pair of balls" after covering Mayor Bloomberg's term limits challenge.) Now Paterson's staff is accused of leaking information about skeletons in Kennedy's closet, which apparently ended her Senate seat hunt; Paterson condemned the leaks, adding, "I don't think there's any public interest that's served by finding out why somebody chose to take a different course in their lives."