A new Quinnipiac poll about the 2009 mayoral race finds, "Mayor Michael Bloomberg tops City Comptroller William Thompson, his chief Democratic challenger, 54 - 32 percent among New York City voters, who also say 62 - 28 percent that they'd rather chat with the Mayor at a July 4th picnic, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Even black voters would rather picnic with Bloomberg 52 - 37 percent." Some other interesting tidbits: Bloomberg has a 66% approval rating (up from 64% in March), but 56% of respondents think his campaign spending is "overkill" while 50% don't (vs. 42% who do) think Bloomberg is "out of touch" for saying Obama doesn't get paid much. Quinnipiac's Maurice Carroll said, "This latest survey shows the challenges Comptroller William Thompson faces as he tries to portray Mayor Michael Bloomberg as unlikable and out of touch, and as he tries to build a base of black voters. Black, white and Hispanic voters all would sooner share a July 4th hot dog and a beer with Mayor Mike than with Bill Thompson." Ah, the hot dog and beer mayoral test.