Today's not so shocking poll numbers: Quinnipiac says that 77% of NY State voters say that the NY State government is "dysfunctional" while 58% say it's "the worst" or "among the worst" in the nation. Oddly enough, 2% of respondents say that it's the "best" in the country, while 28% think it's "among the best"—maybe those people are from Illinois or California. Some more stats: "Voters disapprove 72 - 18 percent of the way the State Legislature is handling its job, the legislature's lowest overall score ever. Forty-nine percent of New York State voters say that almost everyone in the State Senate - including their own." Quinnipiac's Maurice Carroll said, "Dysfunctional is practically a synonym for the New York State Legislature and voters want a change. While voters tend to like their own legislators, almost half of New Yorkers are ready to throw out their own state senator in a general house-cleaning." Take heart, challengers.