Recently, Gov. Cuomo has made several overtures to constituents that he would try to bring gay marriage to the State Senate for a vote this year. According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, he'll have a lot of support if he plans on doing so: a record 56 percent of New Yorkers believe same sex couples should be legally allowed to marriage. Could the nearly-universal support for gay cat marriage have something to do with it?

This is the most support among NYers for gay marriage ever, judging by Quinnipiac polls; the previous high for support was 51 percent in June 2009. "Gov. Andrew Cuomo didn't make a big issue of same-sex marriage in his state-of-the- state speech, but he said he was for it and so are most New Yorkers. New York State voter attitudes about gay marriage have shifted dramatically since April 15, 2004, when Quinnipiac University first asked about gay marriage and found voters opposed the measure 55 - 37 percent," said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. RFK Jr. added his support to the Human Rights Campaign's video project on gay marriage (which includes videos from Whoopi Goldberg, Kenneth Cole, Julianne Moore and Mayor Bloomberg), saying that his father "would be leading the charge for marriage equality in New York."