2006_12_dncbell.jpg- The NY Times reports that the Democratic party will decide on where the 2008 convention will be held either tomorrow or Monday. New York and Denver are the finalist cities; while Denver is attractive for its swing-state quality, NYC can guarantee better "financing, hotel rooms, entertainment space, logistical support and labor union cooperation."

- The Politicker has the U.S. Attorney's flow chart detailing how NY Senator Efrain Gonzalez allegedly stole money from federal funds meant for charity and used them for his own material objects, including a personalized cigar labels.

- The year-end special session of the State Legislature was really special: Not much happened, which means attempts to pass proposals "civil confinement for sex offenders," a plan to resurrect the Moynihan Station plan, and creating charters schools were unsuccessful. Another proposal left to wither was one for lawmaker pay raises; some believe Pataki wanted to dangle the raises as an incentive for pols to pass bills, but Brooklyn Assemblyman Joseph Lentol told the Times-Union, "I actually think [Pataki] misread the situation," words that can be applied to so many instances. But the Times pointed out, "By deciding not to reject the proposals of a state commission to close and merge hospitals, the Senate ensured the plan would become law in its entirety."

- It has been a crazy week for State Comptroller Alan Hevesi. There's the New York magazine feature and news that he owes another $33,000 (for a total of $206,000). But the Village Voice's Wayne Barrett and NY Times' Clyde Haberman pointed out reasons why he shouldn't be ousted from office.

- And Rudy Giuliani hired Bush operative Mike DuHame to head his exploratory committee.

New York Telephone pin from the 1992 Democratic Convention from Campaign Buttons Etc.