With all the fuss about the Project Billboard advertisement that Clear Channel (apparently acting as a representative of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square - where the billboard would hang) rejected, Gothamist has been thinking about the proposed visual: The red-white-and-blue bomb. Now, we're ashamed to admit we agree with evil Clear Channel's lawyer, who said, "Those of us who have been in New York for a while understand the sensitivities that many New Yorkers have to bombs." It's true - it's sort of as if Project Billboard had an image of a commercial jetliner crashing into some buildings. The dove would have worked, but Project Billboard has taken that altnerative off the table, and we think a tank or missile would work, too, not that the Marriott would have accept either of those anyway. What do you think would work as an alternate image?

Anti-war messages are important and, frankly, Gothamist would like to see more of them. But, oddly enough, we understand a business's decision not to have a 69' by 44' political message greeting its guests. Clear Channel has offered Project Billboard a new space, but PB wants to keep the case in court. Do you think Project Billboard should accept a new placement, or keep fighting Clear Channel? And the Christina Aguliera billboard (which will be in Times Square) from non-partisan, voter-registration group Declare Yourself is pretty S&M-ish.