Now that the election is over, pundits are speculating about what will happen in future races. And NY is at the center of much of the discussion: There's talk that Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki may run for President. This hurts Gothamist's head but we think it's just talk. At this point in time, none of these people seem like likely candidates who can bring the country together and appeal to the moderates. Even though they may have good qualities, they are incredibly divisive and polarizing in their special ways. Clinton is smart and capable, but the Republicans would love for her run because she's a lightning rod for criticism. We're especially down on Pataki these days, because we don't think he really cares about the city. And lately, with his Bush shilling, it's questionable whether Giuliani can take capitalize on being "America's Mayor" into being the Repulican nominee for 2008; one Yale poli sci lecturer tells Newsday, "I actually think his unwavering cheerleading for Bush has diminished his Churchillian aura."

And then there's the governorship of NY at stake: Some say that with Senator Charles Schumer's resounding win makes a run for Governor inevitable. But Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, whose profile has been raised by taking on Wall Street, 9/11 silver dollars, and most recently Marsh & Mclennan, is also eyeing the seat. Which then makes us think that we'll be seeing a new wave of NY Republicans appearing in the woodwork, most likely from upstate, in the next few years.

Photo collage from Newsday; the two odd men out are Mayor Bloomberg and Nassau County Thomas Suozzi.