2006_08_rachelbruno.jpgThere had been a few news reports about State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno's granddaughter being missing, starting last week. Yes, it's missing white girl season, but when the granddaughter of the guy who controls the State Senate goes missnig, you've got a movie plot at the very least. Earlier this week, Rachel Bruno finally emerged and called her mother, saying she was fine though the call sounded suspicious. Yesterday, the NYPD found her in Times Square, and the NYPD arrested the man they believe she was with. The NYPD didn't arrest John Savage for kidnapping Rachel Bruno, as the circumstances of their relationship were unclear, but they did arrest him for violating his probation (more on that later). It seems that the NY Post was alerted to a craigslist posting in Albany for "'Stephine,' who offered 'a pleasurable time' for '250 roses per half hour'" - and the photograph in the posting had a woman who looked like Rachel. So the Post contacted Senator Bruno's office, and the police jumped in, tracing Rachel's phone call to NYC (she used Savage's cellphone; the two left the Albany area after media attention that she was missing). She was taken back to her parents and Senator Bruno's office released a statement:

Rachel’s physical and emotional problems placed her in a dangerous and threatening situation, the outcome of which could have been much worse. This was compounded by her susceptibility to other harmful substances and dangerous influences, particularly those online, and people who use the Internet to prey on the vulnerable.

The Daily News reports that Rachel and Savage met on MySpace. Savage's probation comes after he tried to bribe police officers in 2002 for the scoop on prostituation sweeps, saying, "You know we have a new mayor and police commissioner and they are going to start cracking down on prostitution. They are hitting me hard. Whatever you and your man can do for me I'll pay you money if you let me know when they're coming out to pick up the hoes."

Random political connect-the-dot: Senator Bruno asked Jeanette Pirro to get out of the Senate race, which she eventually did. A few months later, Pirro set her sights on trying to prosecute sexual predators on MySpace. We'll see if Bruno joins Pirro's charge.