It's not hard for your average candidate to get the word out; all it takes these days is pretty much a YouTube account and some stickers. And while that's great for everything from the environment to the candidate's bottom line, the lack of campaign buttons is disenfranchising the hardworking men and women of America's button industry. Mort Berkowitz of Bold Concepts kvetched to the Daily News, "A candidate used to call and say they wanted 5,000 buttons. Now, if they call at all, maybe they want 1,000."

As if that weren't depressing enough, the nation's hobbyists are feeling the penny-pinching too. Mark Evans of the American Political Items Collectors says he much prefers buttons to stickers because they "tell the story of the campaign" long after it's over, but admits that the 18-25 crowd has been slow to join his club. Collector Trudy Mason says she has over 100 buttons from Mario Cuomo's four campaigns for governor, but just from his son Andrew's campaign. "A button stays with you forever. A sticker pulls your clothes and falls off. It's absolutely wrong," she said. And to think our children might never know of the power of the button!