With a day to think about Tuesday night's Democratic debate, people are wondering what will happen at the next debate. Will the candidates be able to emerge as distinct candidates? The NY Times has the optimistic outlook, with pundits thinking that things can only get more exciting. Well, we can always hope the candidates will wander off message - our bet's on C. Virginia Fields to do that first. But Fields did sound the first more critical salvo (this side of Anthony Weiner calling Fernando Ferrer's plans from the '70s), essentially calling Weiner and Gifford Miller weak for saying NYC is better now than it was four years ago ("Why are they running now?"), which is clever in that "make the two white, middle class guys seem the same" mode. Mayor Bloomberg is on the attack, even though his approval numbers are extremely high (for him), by holding up a picture of Gifford Miller and saying the City Council Speaker has yet to pass the noise code he said he would pass over a year ago. Miller says that the Mayor should just do his own job and answer the questions he and other Council members asked. Yeah, we're kind of glazing over this too.

In other political notes, the NY Times uses City Council Gifford Miller's private-or-public school quandary for his kids to show how many middle- and upper-middle-class New Yorkers send their kids to private school. Oh, and it's a great photo op for Miller and his kids (ditto what Gawker said). Anthony Weiner has released his new TV ad where he uses a Spaldeen ball to show off his stickball talents (the NY Times' analysis here; straightforward yet misleading) but Mayor Bloomberg was the one to actually play it yesterday during the NYPD/FDNY stickball tourney.

On a final note, congratulations to the Observer's Ben Smith, who just welcomed a baby baby daughter. She gets to vote in just 6574 days!