Arthur, the adorable subway kitten who played a pivotal role in the GOP mayoral primary election in 2013 after he and his brother got lost on the subway tracks, has been found after disappearing from his Prospect Heights home last month.

The two-year-old cat went missing from the home of his adoptive humans, Katherine Lynn and Keith Lubely, on November 20th, causing them and his cat brother, August, great distress. But now he is back, per a joyous statement on the family's Facebook page:

ARTHUR IS HOME! ...and we are overcome with joy and relief. He is a few sizes smaller than when he left home, but our boy is unhurt, eating well, and sleeping off his total exhaustion. August has his brother back after four long weeks. More info soon - and more specific acknowledgements - once we've all had time to settle in, but for now, huge thanks and gratitude go out to each and every person who helped us in our amazing communities, both local and remote. We can hardly believe our fortune to have had you all rooting for us and for Arthur. Now... time for a catnap.

For those who do not recall, when Arthur and August were tiny baby kittens back in August 2013, they briefly shut down the B & Q lines in Brooklyn after they were spotted frolicking on the tracks. They were rescued, cleaned up and adopted, but they nearly cost mayoral candidate Joe Lhota, then the Chairman of the MTA, the GOP nomination after he speculated he'd let the kittens die in favor of keeping the trains running on time.

His then-opponent, John CATSimatidis, offered a $1,000 reward to an animal charity in the name of whoever rescued Arthur this time around, so let's see if he holds up on his end of the deal.