One of the adorable kittens that played a pivotal role in the 2013 mayoral election after frolicking on the subway tracks and halting the trains for several hours has gone missing in Prospect Heights.

Indeed, human parents Katherine Lynn and Keith Lubely say lovable grey kitteh Arthur disappeared from their Prospect Heights home on November 20th, and they are devastated. The Lynn-Lubely clan adopted then 11-week-old Arthur and his brother, August, in October 2013, just over a month after the two were spotted having nice playtime on the B and Q tracks in Brooklyn. That adorable incident forced the MTA to suspend service on the tracks for several hours while workers searched for the kitties.

It also threw a small, furry wrench in Joe Lhota's (remember him?) mayoral dreams—the then-MTA Chairman told reporters he would have let August and Arthur die had he been mayor, so naturally fellow GOP candidate John CATSmatidis made sure everyone knew Lhota was a heartless kitten killer. Neither candidate won in the end, of course, but it was big news for at least three days.

Anyway, now Arthur is missing, and August is sad. "He is so bonded to his brother,” Lynn told the Post. “He needs comfort, and he’s trying to make contact by meowing out the window. We really want to reunite them.”

Kitten-hater Lhota seemed unmoved by Arthur's disappearance. "I don't have a cat," he told the Daily News after he was informed of the missing kitty's plight. "I don't have anything to say."

Anyone who may have spotted Arthur should contact Lynn at 646-789-5626—you can keep tabs on him via a Facebook page.