2005_06_jeffersons.jpgAs the Mayor vetoed the City Council's rejection of his trash plan, Gothamist is getting excited because when the political garbage flies, it's gold. City Council Speaker Gifford Miller is at the frontline of the City Council's disdain for the plan, since one of the proposed waste transfer stations is in his district on East 91st in Manhattan. Miller's staff accuse the Mayor of stonewalling, versus really wanting to negotiate, while the Mayor is accusing the City Council of putting the garbage burdens on the poor communities only. And there are more issues for Miller, this time from Democratic primary opponent C. Virginia Fields. She's filed a letter with the Conflicts of Interest Board, asking them to investigate whether a Miller mailing was really election propaganda using City Council funds. Oh, and Bloomberg's aides called Fernando Ferrer and Anthony Weiner "jealous" after they criticized the mayor's spending and record. Well, please, aides de Bloomberg, you can call Gothamist jealous, because who wouldn't want to be a billionaire?

Finally, there was a NY Times report that Fields sang "Movin' on Up," the theme song to the Jeffersons, at a funraiser, causing one person to yell, "Go Weezy!" If there's an MP3 or video of that floating around somewhere, please tell us, because that might be the most awesome thing ever. For some retro Fields, the Politicker has a PDF of the first Fields for Mayor direct mail collateral.