Gotta love the slew of political news, both state- and city-wide that's trickling in. First up, it seems that Governor Pataki won't run for reelection. While you may be thinking, "Thank God," Pataki is actually eyeing national office. NY1 announced this news, but Pataki's office denied this. At this point, Pataki would be pummeled in reelection, because he's seriously sucked the past few years, so Gothamist feels the report has some weight - reelection would be embarrassing.

And our mercurial mayor has hinted that he may endorse Senator Hillary Clinton for her reelection bid. Some cynics think that the Mayor may be posturing to appeal to NYC's many Democrats, but another thought may be that the Mayor desperately wants Hilly's help on the Hill with NYC initiatives.

Finally, sources say that Al Sharpton won't endorse Fernando Ferrer's mayoral bid. Partly motivated by Ferrer's remarks that Amadou Diallo's death was not a crime, Sharpton may also be looking for a way to be pro-West Side Stadium in the midst of anti-West Side Stadium Democrats. Newsday reports that Sharpton "isn't rushing" to endorse C. Virginia Fields. Gifford Miller's people are probably harrassing Sharpton to get on board, because his support would make Miller into more of a contender.