The Charter Revision Commission is one step closer to putting lowering maximum campaign contributions on the ballot in November.

On Tuesday, the Commission, convened by Mayor de Blasio to review the city's campaign finance rules, voted to draft language for specific ballot questions on the issue, reports the Daily News.

Currently, people can donate a maximum of $5,100 to citywide candidates, and these potential reforms would drop that maximum to $2,000 for candidates participating in the city's matching program or $3,500 if the candidate is not participating. Borough President candidates would see maximum donation amounts drop from $3,950 to $1,500. City Council candidates would get a maximum of $1,000 if they participate in the matching program, and $1,500 if they don't; the current maximum is $2,850.

However, as the Gotham Gazette points out, "[t]he commission punted on issues related to instant runoff voting and independent redistricting, leaving those to be resolved by a future charter revision commission."

The Commission also released a report in July that addresses the historically low local voter turnout in the city. It recommends more local, community oriented efforts, better coordination, and addressing the lack of information for many people on elections and other forms of civil engagement.

FYI, the NYC Charter is basically our Constitution; the government website states, "The charter is the document that defines the functions, organization, powers, obligations and liabilities of the city’s government."