A 41-year-old Flatiron woman bumped into an alleged thief leaving her Madison Avenue apartment on Thursday morning with her $60 watch in hand. She chased him down the hallway, and managed to grab the watch back before he knocked her to the ground. The 33-year-old suspect bolted. He was arrested on Thursday evening, inside an office building two blocks away.

According to the NYPD, Born Poledore was arrested shortly after 5:00 p.m. on Thursday inside 261 Fifth Avenue. He was charged with robbery and misapplication of personal property—a misdemeanor offense.

The Post reports that Poledore stole the victim's watch out of her fourth floor apartment at 66 Madison Avenue near the corner of East 27th Street around 10:00 that morning. He sprinted out of the apartment building around 3:00, and the building's doorman and security proceeded to chase him down 8th Avenue.

According to the tabloid, Poledore was spotted on East 28th between Fifth Avenue and Madison soon after, switching his blue jacket for a black one. He managed to jump onto a 15-foot ledge on East 28th Street, and up a fire escape onto a nearby roof.

"He was like Spider-Man or something," one witness said.

By the time Poledore was taken into custody, around 5:00 p.m., the intersection of East 29th Street and Fifth Avenue was packed with armed NYPD officers and K9 units, according to ABC. Workers in the office building were not allowed to leave until Poledore was brought out in handcuffs, prompting cheers from the end-of-day work crowd.

There were no reported injuries.