Before today, there wasn't any indication that police would ever find the person who set off a bomb at the Times Square Military Recruitment Office back in March 2008. But now the The Times reports that a grand jury is meeting to investigate the case, and it is interviewing a student from the New School (whose lawyer says he is a witness and not a target of the investigation).

An anonymous law enforcement official indicated, however, that this was "not viewed as a major breakthrough in the case."

Surveillance video from the night of the bombing showed a figure wearing a hooded sweatshirt riding a bike up to the recruitment center shortly before the bombs exploded. Police have acknowledged that two other unsolved cases involving a bike rider in a hoodie, a grenade attack on the Mexican Consulate in 2007 and a bombing at the British Consulate in 2005, could be related. No one was injured in any of the attacks. There was briefly some thought that the bombings were related to a series of bizarre letters to California elected officials and others but that has since been discounted. Stay tuned!