Staten Island mother Katie Devalle was shocked by a recent phone call from a stranger: did she still want to sell her two-month-old baby for $100? Paul Marquez, 23, was arrested for allegedly posting Craigslist notices that included photos of the child, Devalle's number, and the asking price. A law enforcement source says that Marquez and Devalle met online and had gone out for a few dates, but Marquez told police he was angry at the woman for not paying him more attention and posted the ad "to get back at Katie."

According to a law enforcement source, here was the text of Marquez's ad:

“Heyy I have a 2 month old baby name [redacted] she loves to play nd have her little fun but there is only 1 problem, the doctor said that she has asthma nd if she turns a certain way she can stop breathing, she’s really getting on my nerves nd I don’t want her Please email me”

Marquez is charged with second degree aggravated harassment, endangering the welfare of a child, and two counts of violating the social services code, all misdemeanors. He faces a year in jail if convicted, and is currently being held on $1,000 bail.

Authorities are also investigating the person who called to inquire about Devalle's baby.