2006_05_nypdvan.jpgA police van speeding to the scene of a crime hit an SUV in Brooklyn, causing two children in the car to be ejected into a street in Brownsville. Six year old Diamond Nicholas is in a medically induced coma, and his ten year old brother Raven was injured seriously as well; five police officers were injured as well, though not as severely (broken knee, broken arm). Their mother, substitute teacher Pearl Nicholas, had been driving them home from school when the police van "smashed into the passenger side of Nicholas's green Jeep, sending it spinning into a lamppost and then into a chain-link fence," according to the Post; the Nicholas family says that everyone was buckled in the Jeep Cherokee. The van, on its way to help an officer in pursuit of a man with a gun, had its sirens and lights on, but the family is reportedly blaming the cops for going too fast. However, they are happy with the plainclothes officer who rushed one of the boys to Brookdale Hospital.

Photograph of a tagged police van from Triborough on Flickr