On this hot and humid day, police required backup to deal with a melee at the McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn. Like the incident the day after the pool opened last month, a fight between pool-goers and authority figures broke out over backflips into the pool. At least three people were arrested, according to A Walk In The Park—one for assaulting a police officer and two for disorderly conduct. A witness told the Daily News, "You could tell something was going to happen. It was obvious. You just had that feeling in the air."

A Walk In The Park reports that the pool's beleaguered lifeguards closed the pool due to "an unruly crowd of between 10 -20 [who] were told numerous times to stop doing back-flips and throwing people into the air." The crowd, which booed, was nearly cleared, but then "a few decided to take jump back into the pool. A fight broke out and multiple officers were wrestling on the ground in the sprinklers." An officer said, "They went wild on us."

The News' witness seemed shocked:

“There was a complete breakdown of control. It looked like these kids were running the show.”

The witness said he saw one teen being marched away by cops.

“Then something obviously happened - he tried to resist arrest maybe - and they forced him to the ground,” he said.

“Then a group of people come rushing in and that's when the cop used mace,” he said, saying two others were taken into custody.

“There was a palpable tension in the air," he said. "It was a really tense, unpleasant situation. ”

The witness added, "Had that cop not used the mace they would have all piled in... You could see moms and their children being: 'Oh my God.' One lady outside was saying 'I’m done with this pool, it's too much. I'm never coming back here.’”

The pool, which underwent a years-long $50 million renovation, has had a rough start: Besides the June 29 attack on lifeguards, police officers were attacked on July 2 and pool-goers' locked lockers have been broken into. Oddly enough, Prospect Heights Patch has a story today about the NYPD saying that everything's safe at the pool, "There will be no issues there—there are a lot of police."

Update 10:24 p.m.: The NYPD says that a 23-year-old black male was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassment while two 24-year-old black males were both charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.