An Albany county man was killed by a booby trap while riding an ATV on his property Saturday afternoon, and investigators believe the trap was sprung by the dead man himself—to protect his marijuana plants. Daniel Ricketts, 50, was nearly decapitated in the accident, which according to the Times Union was caused by a "fine, nearly invisible wire that was among the fortifications set up around four large marijuana plants."

Albany County Sheriff Craig D. Apple says investigators also found barbed wire and a leg trap similar to the kind used to trap coyotes. Ricketts's property is near sprawling Thacher Park (a great place to watch the sunrise if you're in the area, by the way) and Apple told ABC 10, "The problem here is this could have been a hiker someone coming through putting their foot in a trap. It's ridiculous to [set booby traps] because you're talking about going from a low level charge of possessing marijuana to possible manslaughter." Or to possible decapitation.

Police also believe alcohol was a factor in Ricketts's accident.