Last night, Pandamonium--the self-described "Costumed- Roving- Street- Party- Apocalyptic- Dance- Rock- Battle" event took place. And it did cause quite a pandemonium!

The group only announced its start location yesterday (via websites and Twitter)--Union Square at 8:30 p.m. After converging, some in white-and-black face paint and masks, the panda group headed to Williamsburg via the L at Union Square. But little did they know the police do not take kindly to pandas. Or at least large groups of people dressed as pandas. Maybe the Pandas were trying to root out the gang behind the Williamsburg stabbings!

Reader Nick emailed us with some details:

am at my girlfriend's apartment on bedford and north seventh and took some birds eye camera phone pictures of the bedford avenue panda riot. there are some choppers flying around shining lights on the buildings now (probably looking for where the party went) and it looked like at least 5 people got arrested. pretty fun looking flash mob - there was even a fire dancer.

pandas: just so everyone knows, the guy in the brett favre jersey wasn't your buddy - he was a plain clothes. why didn't you listen to us????

The Pandamonium organizer was reportedly arrested.