2005_04_policebldg.jpgOoohh... In 1905, when the original Police Headquarters was being built at 240 Centre Street, the NYPD may have buried a time capsule under a cornerstone, in hopes of it being opened on May 6, 2005. However, the posh co-op which now occupies 240 Centre Street is against, well, busting through some granite for what could be a wild goose chase. The president of the co-op board, Arthur Emil, says, "My answer is, 'No.' There are legends galore about the building. I've heard about the time capsule but paid no attention because there's no concrete proof. If it was a simple operation, like unsealing a Ziploc, to see if it was there, I'd have no problem." Oh, Mr. Emil, that's so silly - they didn't have Ziploc back in 1905! While the Police Building's architects during its 1988 renovation don't remember any sort of time capsule-like vessels, the Daily News reports that historians are pretty sure there is a time capsule, and that police records say contents include a "gold engraved revolver, a police badge, a letter from then-President Theodore Roosevelt and a police roster are said to be among the items in the capsule." Even the NY Times back in the day reported that the time capsule was "over a recess which contained coins, newspapers of the day and police rules and records."

Gothamist hopes that if the NYPD does get to retrieve the time capsule, then it should be broadcast on NY1 or NYCTV with Geraldo Rivera hosting.