G8 Protest/Genoa; Photo: Luca Bruno/AP

Convention protest buzz - Both the NYPD and protest groups are claiming victory with a federal judge's ruling that (via NY1):
- Police cannot search demonstrators' bags unless they can show a specific threat to public safety;
- Police can conduct less-intrusive searches, such as using metal detecting wands
- Police can use metal pens to control protesters, but not to contain them
However, the Daily News says the NYPD is actually very upset, saying the judge's leniency may result in more chaos (check out the Daily News' editorial: Judge Sweet, how crazy are you? referring to the federal court judge who ruled). .
The Times reports that United for Peace and Justice, though unhappy with the NYPD-proposed protest location of the West Side Highway, may accept the offer, as long as the NYPD will "help provide water, shuttle buses to subways and the more expensive sound system they say is necessary to reach protesters who may be miles from the stage." A Police Department official scoffed at the request, saying, "Whether it's a picnic in Central Park or a demonstration, they're expected to carry their own water - literally." This is something Gothamist has been wondering about - what exactly are the police and city supposed to provide during a protest? Portapotties? How much do these protest permits cost?

The NYCLU's Protecting Protest Rights page.