Bread deliveryman Jorge Martinez, 39, was struck and killed by a bullet that pierced the roof of his van as he was making his rounds last night. Two rounds entered the car as he drove down Avenue X in Gravesend, with one striking him in the head. Police believe that because of the downward entry angle of the bullets, Martinez may have been the target of a sniper. One official told the Times, "We’re looking for a gunman who fired from a rooftop."

Martinez's two children are devastated by his death. His 16-year-old daughter, Jenniffer, told the Daily News, "He's the image of the perfect dad. We're upset about what happened because it's not right." She also said, “He used to pray every night before he went to work that everything would be O.K., because he said there were crazy drivers at night and he was afraid he might get hit. But not this, getting shot."

Neighbors say the shooting is tragic, but admit the shootings are not uncommon in the area. One woman said, "A couple of months ago, a bullet hit my window. When I hear shots I tell my kids to get away from the window. I feel bad for the guy, but this is what goes on here." So far, no arrests have been made.