The police and other law officials are still investigating yesterday's mysterious explosion at the British Consulate. The explosion, which occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning, seems to have come from two devices, one in a concrete planter and one on the sidewalk outside 850 Third Avenue, or they were both possibly planted in the planter. The grenades themselves are being described as "crude" and "clumsy," but still powerful, so many are feeling lucky that no one was hurt. Third Avenue was closed until 11AM yesterday, amid a phalanx of investigators, local media, and even a, as the NY Times put it, "possibly inebriated Dutch employee of the United Nations" who was questioned when he wouldn't leave the crime scene (Newsday says he was released and issued a desk appearance ticket). The problem with the investigation is that there are few clues - speculation about motives ranges from it being a message sent to Britain (the IRA?) or to the Caterpillar company, which has supplied Israel with equipment - a board member has offices in the building. Police Commissioner Kelly expressed the NYPD's hopes that someone, such as the female jogger, a bicyclist and a taxicab seen in surveillance tapes, might be able to help: "This is New York. It's 3:30 in the morning, yet there are still people out in the street."

Does this bombing scare you? Newsday reports that New Yorkers are "blase about the bomb" while the Daily News says they are freaked out. Gothamist understands why some people would be worried, but we feel it just comes with the territory of working in places that have importance.

Photograph by Dan Dickinson on Flickr