Increased police presence at commuting centers, like Penn Station, the Port Authority, Times Square, and Grand Central were New York City's answer to heightened security concerns after Thursday's train bombings in Madrid. Mayor Bloomberg's charge, "You've got to make sure you don't let the terrorists win," rings true, though news of icky subway trains were another deterrant to ride. MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow rode the Times Square shuttle with commuters, and another rider said, "This train's gotta be safe. You're on it."

The Times' Michael Luo follows Officer Cathy Paladino and bomb-sniffing dog, Jack, at Grand Central. Gothamist saw Officer Paladino and Jack yesterday morning, and we must say, they did make us feel a tad better, as did the other twenty-plus officers in various uniforms (Combat gear? Check. Cargo pants? Check.). Gothamist refrained from trying to pet Jack, though; we've been reprimanded before about approaching K-9 dogs.