Police are looking for a cousin of a former Jets linebacker in connection with two murders. Investigators suspect a cousin of Jonathan Vilma, who now plays for the New Orleans Saints, has been using in Vilma's unoccupied Westchester County condo, where two men were apparently killed. The victims were believed to be involved in a "black paper scheme": Con men tell gullible people that smuggled paper money has been dyed many times black and that a special bleach is needed to take the dye away—but really the black paper is just construction paper. Newsday reports, "With black paper found in the condo, and black paper and bleach found in the dead men's Bronx apartment, detectives said the victims scammed the wrong people." Police also found blood in the condo; the victims' bodies were dumped in Queens and Brooklyn. Vilma is not suspected in the killings; his agent said the player "was in complete shock that anyone was in the house other than his real estate agent."