The NYPD is looking for three men seen in a video beating up a man who scolded them for spitting on the L train. The video, below, was originally posted on World Star Hiphop, an Internet cesspool that's cashed in big on senseless fight videos. The site's popularity has created a sort of voyeuristic feedback loop, in which disassociated bystanders immediately videotape violent incidents and act as if they're already watching a video on the Internet. This particular video serves as a perfect example of how violence becomes instant entertainment these days: as the young man is getting brutally beaten, the woman recording the fight is heard gloating "World Star, baby!" at the 50 second mark:

Ugh, well, at least she held her cell phone horizontally while gleefully documenting someone else's suffering. According to ABC 7, the video was recorded just after 2 a.m. on November 8th on an L train near the Myrtle Wyckof stop, and it could lead to assault charges if police ever find the perpetrators. CBS 2 reports that there is no word on the extent of the victim’s injuries. On the plus side, the video's gotten over 47,000 views on World Star, baby!