Police are searching for a man who allegedly dragged a cop 200 feet during a traffic stop in Queens on Saturday morning.

The incident occurred just before 2 a.m. on Guy Brewer Boulevard in Rochdale, Queens, police said, after the driver of a white Nissan Altima was pulled over for running a red light. According to authorities, the car began accelerating while the officer had his hand on the driver's side of the vehicle, and the officer was dragged approximately 200 feet before collapsing in the middle of the street.

He sustained scrapes and bruises to his arms and hands, and was taken to a local hospital with non life-threatening injuries. The officer has since been released, police said.

Sunny Singh, a gas station attendant who witnessed the scene, dropped his broom and sprinted after the car as it was dragging the officer, CBS2 reports.

“His arm was in the window and he got dragged by them," Singh told the station. "He was on the left side. I think he got stuck in the window.”

“I was just shocked. His eyes was closed. I asked him, ‘Are you OK?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, I’m OK,'” Singh added. "Four, five hours later, he came in the store...he showed me his arms. He had scratches on his arms."

The abandoned vehicle was recovered a half-mile from the incident. Police are currently searching for the driver, as well as the male and female passengers believed to be in the car during the stop.