Yesterday afternoon, witnesses saw a woman throw a baby stroller or carriage into the New York Harbor off Battery Park. A witness told WCBS 2, "I looked over the railing and I saw this baby carriage floating, looked like it was collapsed. She held it over her head like she was contemplating whether she was going to do it or not. And then she tossed it over the side."

Another witness who happened to be an ex-cop, said he found a police officer and said, "You need to stop that lady. I said, 'she threw a stroller in the river -- I don't know if it's got a baby in it or not, you need to stop her.' He said, 'I'm on fixed duty, I can't do anything.'"

A big rescue effort, with hundreds of members from the NYPD, FDNY, and Coast Guard, took place, with helicopters, boats, and divers looking for the stroller and a possible baby. While last night's search found nothing, police will reportedly continue the search efforts and are also looking for the woman. It's our hope that the stroller was empty.

Photograph of the rescue operation by dietrich on Flickr; dietrich has a set of photos as well