The suspects involved in the Sunday night murder of a woman in Brooklyn are still at large. Carrie Audrey Johnson was fatally shot in the head when she stepped outside her family's Clifton Place home to check on her niece and her niece's boyfriend. According to the Daily News, the niece's boyfriend Laquan Williams "had been jumped by two men."

Johnson's brother-in-law told NBC New York, "There were three guys that ran from behind a tree and they were pistol whipping the niece’s boyfriend and my sister-in-law [tried] to stop people from running outside — she got a few of them to go back into the house [and] when she turned her back somebody shot her in the head." Another niece told the News that Johnson and other relatives saw the men: "The suspects yelled, 'Oh, they're coming to get us,' and opened fire, Jeromeka said." The News says that "Williams played dead" while Johnson was killed and her 14-year-old nephew was shot in the leg.

The News adds, "Williams, who has 26 arrests, was not badly hurt, police said. The suspects, who may have been trying to steal his 2010 Lexus, were at large, police said." Johnson, initially identified as the wife of former NBA star World B. Free, was his ex-girlfriend (they had a son together). Free is now a community relations director for the Philadelphia 76ers; a spokesperson for the team said, "While they haven't spoken in quite a while, [Free] does want to extend his condolences to her family and friends."