This is just another reminder that just because somebody is wearing a uniform doesn't mean they are trustworthy. Police are on the lookout for a pair of men who robbed five households since December, gaining access to their apartment buildings by posing as workers (the Daily News says the water department, NY1 says Con Ed). One 80-year-old victim said, "When [my landlord] opened up the door, he let them right in—he didn't ask for ID or anything. Afterwards he said 'What just happened?'"

The octogenarian said he was on to the men and kept close by so they wouldn't steal anything, but eventually they "inspected" the basement apartment in the building and made off with $1,500. He said, "They just kept walking back and forth from the bathroom to the kitchen, turning the taps on and off. They weren't saying anything—it was really strange." The victims were all between the ages of 69 and 93, which outraged other Bronx residents. One said, "It is a shame. You have to educate these homeowners, that they ask for IDs or in doubt, call the police. They are always trying to scam the elderly." Con Ed says its workers do sometimes check water meters, but cautions, "Our field employees receive training in the proper ways to display and present their identification cards while working with customers."

Police have released a sketch of one of the suspects, as well as drawings of items taken from a home on Baychester Avenue, where the pair last struck on February 7th. City Council member James Vacca said, "I'd like to catch these guys. I'd like them to return what they stole and I'd like them to rot in jail." Especially that badass aero division service ring! Though if we owned that we'd never take it off.