Police are searching for a well dressed killer who shot a Staten Island man in the head and body before fleeing the scene on Friday. The gunman, wearing a "charcoal-gray suit" and dress shoes, killed Shaun Adorno as he opened his apartment door on 70 Heaney Avenue. He then fled down Wilcox Street and has not been apprehended.

Adorno was pronounced dead at Richmond University Medical Center from bullet wounds to the head and chest. Police are unsure of what the well-dressed killer's motive was, but records show Adorno had a checkered past. In 1998 he ran a stop sign and struck a 7-year-old boy in Sunset Park, which led to physical fight with an officer after Adorno was chased into Manhattan. He only turned himself in after his friend had been charged for the hit-and-run.

Neighbors are in shock, and are worried about mounting violence in the area. Local Frank Magliocca said, "This hits a little close to home. After that arson in Port Richmond the other day, Staten Island isn’t Staten Island anymore."