2007_10_sihr.jpgLast night, a woman crossed Hylan Boulevard between Fingerboard Road and Linwood Avenue in Grasmere was fatally struck by a speeding car. The police believe the vehicle was a black Mercedes two-door coupe, 2001 or newer, with a damaged front end.

Maria Alvarenga had finished her day's work at the Naomi Nails and Skincare salon and was crossing the street to catch a bus. Pizzeria owner Robert Hansen told the Staten Island Advance, "I heard the boom and one of my co-workers saw something go up in the air."

Alvanrenga was hit so hard that her legs were severed and thrown across the four-lane road. One of her customers said to WABC 7, "I'm sick to my stomach. I'm sick to my stomach now. This girl has a family, she works all day, she's on her way home, going to the bus stop...now her family doesn't have her. I'm sick to my stomach." Alvarenga had three sons and a daughter.

Residents also expressed sadness as well as some resignation about the way drivers conduct themselves. Lou Karce told the Advance,"People fly at like 80 mph from Fingerboard Road to Steuben Street. And at nighttime, forget about it. When I say it's bad, it's bad."

Update: A 19-year-old Brooklyn resident turned himself in for the hit-and-run. NY1 reports Ibraim Qoku surrendered and that he will likely face charges of criminally negligent manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident.

Photograph from the Staten Island Advance