2007_07_newsdayco.jpgA terrible drunk driving story from Long Island: Suffolk County police say that 26-year-old Louis Wiederer was trying to stop his drunk girlfriend from driving after a Saturday night block party. Newsday reports that a witness heard Wiederer say, "You're going to get arrested. You can't drive like that!" but 27-year-old Jesenia Vega ignored him, saying "Leave me alone!"

With that, Vega, 27, of Carle Place, put her key in the ignition and drove off -- as Wiederer hung onto an open window. She continued north, dragging him on the pavement, then underneath her car, before coming to a stop three blocks later, police and witnesses said.

Jay Steiner, 60, a retired nurse, who lives near the scene, rushed to the man's aid.

"Oh, my God," Steiner recalled Vega telling him. "Don't tell me I just killed my fiance."

Steiner said Vega's car ran through two stop signs before stopping. Newsday says that Wiederer was dragged so long that his shoes came off, and when he was "lodged underneath the vehicle" (police believe he lost his grip and fell under the car) "a trail of skid marks and blood" were left in the road. Authorities pronounced Wiederer dead at the scene.

A block party attendee said the couple was arguing when Vega tried to leave, "It looked like he was hitting her, but he was trying to stop her... She was totally irrational." Vega was charged with DWI; she was arraigned and pleaded not guilty. Her family had no comment, but Wiederer's brother said, "He cared about other people more than he cared about himself."