2008_10_walshw.jpgThe Nassau County police revealed details in how William Walsh's story fell apart during questioning. Walsh, who had emotionally pleaded for his missing wife's return on Monday, was arrested for her murder on Wednesday.

Newsday reports that the "the chain of events that led to Leah Walsh's death began with an argument over whether he was cheating on her." Walsh, 29, confessed to police that he strangled his 29-year-old wife on Sunday morning. With her body still in the house, Detective Lt. John Azzata said, "Mr. Walsh went about his business, including doing his laundry at a local Laundromat, going to a local McDonald's."

On Sunday evening, he drove his wife's car, dumping her body in North Hills--Azzata said, "In the cover of darkness, he drove around Long Island and Nassau County looking for a dark area." On Monday morning, he took her car to the Seaford-Oyster Expressway, left it beside road, with her purse on the road as well, and walked home. He also used her cellphone to send a text message--"Have a great day. Love you bunches. Mwah."-- to his phone. But then came a mistake. From the NY Post:

"He went back to the car to plant the bag [of lunch] that he had apparently made for her on Friday," said the source. "He brought it to the car, and that was when he was spotted by the DOT."

A driver in a Department of Transportation roadside-assistance truck saw a white male leave Leah Walsh's car - which her husband had earlier abandoned on the side of the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway - and take off in a yellow car, police said.

Walsh drives a yellow Mustang. According to Newsday, police say that during Walsh's confession, when asked what he did with his wife's driver's license and credit card, "Walsh leaned down and took them out of his shoe." Walsh's lawyer says that the confession was made through "trickery" and after 15 hours of questioning without a lawyer. The Nassau County police say they questioned him for 6 hours. And Det. Lt. Azzata said, "Ultimately he was remorseful, I don't think it was set up. I think it was impulsive."

Leah Walsh's brother John Hirschel said thanked the police and those supporting the family, "Without you I think this nightmare would have been completely unbearable. Leah always strove to brighten the world around her. She always lent a hand to those who most needed it."