2007_05_rupnarine.jpgA police officer assigned to the transit task force is under arrest for allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend in the face on a Queens street. Harry Rupnarine, 38, who joined the forced 2 years ago, met his ex, 22-year-old Guyatree Hardat, last night at restaurant in the Woodhaven. Investigators say that they had broken up but were attempting to reconcile.

Afterwards, they walked near Atlantic Avenue and 82nd Street, where they had an argument. Hardat had called her father to pick her up; her father told police that while on the phone, he heard his daughter yell, "Get away from me! I hate you!" before the phone went dead.

2007_05_harpati.JPGHardat was shot in the face; witnesses told police that Rupnarine was the shooter. Rupnarine was one of the many people who called 911, and he claimed that robbers had approached them and that his gun went off accidentally. However, witnesses said they heard him yell, "Give me your SIM card, bitch." Rupnarine's service revolver, found in a backpack at the scene, is believed to be the weapon.

Charges again Rupnarine are pending. After being taken to the 102 Precinct for questioning, he complained of chest pains and was taken to the hospital. The Daily News reports that he was taken to the psychiatric ward.