Embattled newsman Dominic Carter choked his wife twice in a single night in 2003 until she almost passed out, according to newly unveiled police reports. Following the revelation last month of a pending domestic assault charge against the NY1 political commentator for striking his wife in 2008, both the Daily News and the Post report today on a six-year-old dispute in which the journalist allegedly strangled his spouse.

"He later went into the bedroom and called me over. He continued to scream at me, threaten me with his fist, and broke the mirror," wrote wife Marilyn Carter — who after initially blaming her husband of abuse in the 2008 case recanted her claims and blamed a day laborer. "Not answering him in the matter in which he wanted me to he proceeded to choke me twice. After choking me he told me get up and go. Trying to stand up I almost passed out."

According to the Daily News, police records also revealed that a 2005 dispute over "transportation" turned into a shoving match between the couple. In that case, Carter acknowledged "he did argue with his wife and that he did push her and that she did push him and throw items." Ramapo Police were called to the couple's house to break up three other disputes between Carter and his wife, though they had not turned violent.

Since the revelation of the 2008 charges, things haven't been going smoothly for Carter. He has been suspended from his job, chastised by a judge for namedropping in court, and kicked off a plane for bumping into a flight attendant—not to mention Marilyn Carter went missing and flew back to NYC during their trip to Kansas City last week.